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The Best Toilet Paper for Your Home’s Plumbing

In the plush world of toilet paper, there is an overwhelming amount to choose from. Every brand has something different to offer. 

Do you go with comfort? Or is the least expensive brand the better option? These are all great factors to consider.

But, homeowners often forget about this one, important question – is the type of toilet paper suitable for my plumbing system? 

Everything you flush down your toilet can impact your plumbing system. Not all toilet brands are made equal. Depending on what you pick, one type can have a much larger impact than others.   

Certain brands featuring plush patterns and pictures may take longer to break down. This can place both older household and septic plumbing systems under significant strain.

In the long run, this can be costly. Plumbing problems may begin to emerge. For instance, your toilet may start to experience frequent clogs or a weaker flush.

Below, we explore the various factors you should consider before you go about stocking up on toilet paper. 

1-Ply, 2-Ply, or 3-Ply…?

One factor you can consider when determining the best toilet paper for your plumbing is ply count. Ply refers to the number of layers per sheet of toilet paper. 

Single layer or 1-ply paper is often the most affordable. This is due to its thickness – it is the thinnest out of the three. 

Because of this, you may end up using more paper after you are done answering nature’s call. 

However, recent innovations have led to 1 ply-paper becoming much softer and more absorbent. As it is thinner, 1-ply is more plumbing friendly, as it can dissolve faster. 

2-ply and 3-ply are much stronger than 1-ply toilet paper. They are also more absorbent. The combination of both of these factors make the usage of 2-ply and 3-ply paper more comfortable. 

There is a downside to this – because it is already thick and more absorbent, it can end up becoming even thicker. When the toilet paper absorbs water, it thickens. This can be difficult for some plumbing systems to deal with.

For these reasons, using 2-ply or 3-ply paper can increase the risk of toilet clogs. There is a greater chance for these types of toilet paper to get stuck in your piping.

Recently, some brands have been developing quick dissolving 2-ply and 3-ply papers. So, If you prefer the comforting qualities of 2-ply or 3-ply, look out for brands featuring this. 

For most systems, the best choice would be single ply or 1-ply toilet paper. It is the most affordable and less taxing on your toilet to flush. 

Recent advancements in design have made 1-ply almost on par with multi-ply papers. Nowadays, you can find 1-ply products with similar levels of comfort and absorbency. 

This makes 1-ply an even better choice value-wise. You get so much more for less. Switching to 1-ply may end up saving you more money in the long term. 

To Flush or Not to Flush

Your toilet is capable of flushing two things – the products of nature and toilet paper. Everything else goes in the garbage. Never flush other paper products down the toilet.  

This is a big difference between toilet paper, paper towels, and wet wipes. Even if the product has a label indicating that it is “flushable”, you cannot flush it. 

When you flush toilet paper, it can easily dissolve. Other paper products cannot do this. Because of this, they are far more likely to clog and damage your plumbing.

These products are far more prone to accumulating within your piping. Overtime, this can lead to issues like clogs or overflows. This can end up being very costly to repair. 

Also remember to keep things in moderation. Just because toilet paper is dissolvable, does not mean you can flush an enormous amount. Use a reasonable number of folds.    

Best to play things safe, and just stick to flushing human waste and toilet paper. You will keep your pipes and toilet both healthy and clog free.

Best CHOICE for Septic Systems

Septic systems are vastly different from sewage systems. Because of this, it has special needs that you will need to consider to keep it running optimally. 

The choice of toilet paper is one such consideration. You will want to select toilet paper that is septic system friendly.  

Do not use toilet papers that include softening additives. This will include ultra-plush papers. This is because these types of toilet paper do not dissolve well. They can lead to clogs in the septic system.

1-ply, in this case, would be the best for septic systems. They dissolve quickly, and therefore will not strain your septic system. 

Look out for products with the label “rapid dissolving” or “septic safe”. These products are made with septic systems in mind. These products will dissolve quickly at a rate most septic systems can handle. 

If you want a more eco-friendly option, consider recycled or biodegradable products. Recycled toilet paper is made from recycled fibers. These being more eco-friendly, break down faster than your conventional roll. 

Lastly, avoid toilet paper products which have been chemically treated. Septic tanks employ the help of microbes to break down waste.

Chemically treated products can introduce chemicals which can disrupt the treatment process of a septic system.

Chemicals like bleach, solvents, and cleaning products can affect the decomposition process. Toilet paper is often bleached to receive its white color.  

Therefore if you have a septic system, you must be aware of this and opt for chlorine free toilet paper.      

Again – consider biodegradable or recycled toilet paper products. Another plus is that they require fewer chemicals to process. This will greatly reduce the risk of chemicals contaminating your septic system.

Toilet Repair & Unclog With True Service Plumbing

If toilet troubles continue to persist and you are unable to identify the main cause, time to call in the pros.

Our licensed plumbers will assess your home’s plumbing system and determine the root cause of your issue, and perform the services necessary to get your toilet up and flushing again.

From clogged toilets, line repairs, plumbing fixture installation and replacement, or a total bathroom renovation, True Service Plumbing has your back when it comes to all things plumbing.

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