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How To Prepare for Emergency Plumbing Situations This Winter

Winter is finally here! You’ve got the cold, frigid air. Snowy and icy streets. Sun setting in the late afternoon. What’s there not to love? One thing does come to mind: plumbing emergencies in the winter. That is definitely somewhere up there on the list. 

Plumbing emergencies can occur at any time. Yet, they’re more likely during the winter months. This is mostly due to the drop in temperature. As temperatures drop, the risk for potential issues increases. Your plumbing is also under more stress as demand for hot water soars. 

Fortunately, there are a couple things homeowners can do to avoid any issues. 

Below are a few tips on how to best prepare during the winter months.

Prevent Clogged Drains

The winter months bring with it more cooking. Christmas and New Years celebrations will have you locked away in your kitchen. All this extra cooking will place more load on your drains. Scraps of food, oil, and grease can make its way down your sink,  increasing the potential for clogs. 

Avoid this issue by being more mindful with your cleaning after cooking. Dispose properly of hardy, greasy, or any other unfriendly drain foods.

Install a removable sink drain screen. This is useful whenever you do the dishes. It will prevent food bits from accidentally falling down the drain while you wash. 

Avoid Frozen Pipes

Low temperatures are unfortunately a mainstay during the winter months. Your plumbing pipes will absolutely hate this. The risk of frozen and damaged piping during this time is very high. 

Water expands when frozen, creating an immense pressure inside. This pressure can cause instability at a joint or crack, creating an even larger issue. 

Fortunately, homeowners can avoid this horrid fate with a few of these tricks: 

  • Keep a faucet on to allow some water through. Moving water is much more difficult to freeze. Do the same with outdoor faucets.
  • Maintain an indoor temperature above 15°C (59°F). This will ensure the air within your home is warm enough to prevent your pipes from freezing.
  • Before winter hits, drain all outdoor water lines. This can be an outdoor sprinkler system or garden hose.
  • Keep your garage door closed if you have any piping running through.
  • Insulate any piping and plumbing fixtures at risk of damage due to weather exposure.  

Deal With Leaks ASAP

During the winter season, the smallest of leaks can turn into major headaches. Water freezing can cause more strain to piping and intensify existing issues. 

Best to tackle them immediately to avoid more damage to your plumbing and home. 

Also, piping and fixture leaks often slowly drive up your water bill. Most households have to deal with extra heating costs during the winter months. Saving some more money wouldn’t hurt!

Learn How To Turn Off Your Water

In the event of a plumbing emergency, you will want to know how to shut your water off. Being able to do so will minimize the damage until you can have repairs done to fix it.

Check in with your local plumber and learn about your plumbing system. Learn the location of your water main and fixture valves. Understand how to correctly operate each one. Most importantly – know which ones to operate during an emergency.

Preparing for emergency plumbing issues should be the mindset for every homeowner. Doing so will save you time, money, and your sanity in the long run.

As it is often said:

Prevention is better than cure.

Desiderius Erasmus

Emergency Plumbing With True Service Plumbing

If you’re currently experiencing a plumbing emergency or a situation requiring expert advice, call our professionals at True Service Plumbing.

We are available 24/7 to take your call and respond to emergencies as quickly as possible.

Our licensed plumbers will assess your home’s plumbing system and determine the root cause of your issue, and perform the services necessary to get your plumbing up and running again. 

From burst and frozen pipes, basement flooding, to drain repair and more – True Service Plumbing has your back when it comes to all things plumbing.

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