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Water Coming Out Of The Shower Head While Filling Bathtub

Have you ever experienced this? You’re filling your up bathtub. While doing so, water is coming out of the shower head. 

A tub and shower properly connected and in working order should only allow for one part to run and function. 

If this issue is left alone, it can become more problematic down the road. Particularly, with your wallet. 

Water coming from both fixtures could result in you paying more for your monthly water bill. The water pressure in both fixtures could also be affected.   

Surprisingly, this issue is quite common in many households. Even more surprising, is that this particularly is easy to resolve. 

All it takes is figuring out the root problem of the issue and knowing how to deal with it. Below we discuss how this problem occurs and how to repair it. 

Diverter Valve

This is the most common reason for shower head leakage while filling your bathtub. A diverter valve’s main function is to redirect water to either the bathtub or shower fixtures.

If your diverter malfunctions, water will end up flowing to the fixture you are not using whenever you turn the knob or pull the lever. 

If you have a pair of handy hands and a knack for DIY projects, fixing your diverter valve will be a walk in the park. 

Otherwise, we recommend that you get the help of a professional plumber to do the job for you. 

To start – decide whether you want to repair your existing diverter valve or purchase a brand new replacement. 

If you have an older home, it would likely be best to purchase a new replacement. Chances are, the older diverter may be too old to attempt repairs. 

Otherwise, a deep clean using some vinegar and a wire brush should clear the valve of any debris and sediments. 

If you do decide to replace your diverter valve with a new one, doing the switch is straightforward. 

Step 1: Cover the bathtub drain with a rubber plug or washcloth.

Step 2: Remove the bathtub spout fixture. This process varies depending on the type of spout. Typically, they are attached via screw or threaded onto the pipe. 

If your spout is fastened via screw, a small hole or screw should be visible on the bottom of the spout. 

Step 3: Once you have detached the spout, you can install the new shower diverter.

Incorrect Installation 

If you’ve recently done a diverter valve replacement, yet the issue persists, then the problem may lie with the shower installation. 

Incorrect installation of your shower and tub plumbing can be the cause of this issue. The valve could be upside down, the valve length of the tub spout may be off. 

Mistakes during installation like the earlier two can result in the incorrect flow or distribution of water to fixtures. 

Determining which part of your shower-tub installation is off can be a bit much for your average homeowner. You may need to call a professional plumber for assistance. 

After the shower has been installed and the wall closed up, making any DIY repairs will be very difficult by yourself.  

Water Flow Issues

The final common cause of this issue is water flow. Something blocking the flow of water to the tub spout could cause it to back up and exit from the shower head. 

To resolve this issue, simply clear out the blockage. You can do so by removing the tub spout, then feeding a snake up through the tub drop.

You can also check the tub spout itself for any blockages. Use a wire brush and some vinegar to clean your tub spout.

Accumulation of debris and sediments can contribute to blockages. An annual thorough cleaning will significantly reduce this risk.

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