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A modern trenchless sewer repair process in action

Know Your Plumbing: A Deep Dive into Trenchless Sewer Repair

Dealing with sewer line issues can be a nightmare for most people. Traditional methods often involve extensive excavation, causing significant damage to landscapes and resulting in costly, time-consuming repairs. Fortunately, there’s a modern alternative that offers a more efficient and less invasive solution: trenchless sewer repair. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this innovative technique. From the methods used to the costs involved. 

We’ll also discuss the advantages of trenchless pipe repair and how to choose the right contractor for the job.

What is Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Trenchless line repair is a cutting-edge approach to fixing or replacing damaged sewer lines without the need for extensive digging. 

This technique has gained popularity among homeowners and plumbing professionals alike. This is thanks to its minimal impact on landscapes and quicker completion times. 

The two primary methods of trenchless pipe repair are pipe lining (also known as CIPP or Cured-in-Place Pipe) and pipe bursting.

How Does Trenchless PIPE Repair Work?

Let’s explore the two main methods of trenchless pipe repair to understand how they work:

  1. Pipe Lining (CIPP): This method involves inserting a flexible, resin-coated tube into the existing pipe. The tube is then inflated, and the resin hardens, creating a new pipe within the old one. This technique is suitable for pipes with minor damage or small cracks. This makes it an excellent option for trenchless water line repair and sewer line repair.
  1. Pipe Bursting: This technique is used for severely damaged or collapsed pipes. A bursting head is inserted into the old pipe and is pulled through, breaking the old pipe apart. Simultaneously, a new pipe is pulled into place behind the bursting head, effectively replacing the old pipe. This method is ideal for trenchless pipe installation when an existing line is beyond repair.

What are the Advantages of Trenchless LINE Repair?

There are several benefits to choosing trenchless over traditional methods:

  • Minimal Excavation: Trenchless techniques require significantly less digging, which helps preserve your property’s landscape and hardscape features.
  • Reduced Repair Times: Trenchless methods are generally faster than traditional excavation methods. This means your plumbing system will be back to normal sooner!
  • Cost-effectiveness: While the initial sewer line replacement cost may be higher for trenchless methods, the reduced need for excavation and landscape restoration often makes it more cost-effective in the long run.
  • Long-lasting Results: Trenchless repair materials are durable and often have a longer lifespan than traditional pipes, making them an excellent investment for your home.

How Much Does Trenchless PIPE Repair Cost in Canada?

The cost of trenchless pipe repair in Canada depends on various factors, such as the length and diameter of the pipe, the extent of the damage, and the method used (pipe lining or pipe bursting). 

On average, trenchless repair costs can range from CAD $100 to $350 per foot. Pipe lining typically costs between CAD $100 and $200 per foot. While pipe bursting may cost between CAD $150 and $350 per foot.

* Please note that these are average estimates, and actual costs may vary depending on your location, the complexity of the project, and other factors. 

It’s always a good idea to get multiple quotes from qualified professionals in your area to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

How to Choose the Right Trenchless PIPE Repair Method and Contractor

Selecting the best method for your specific situation and hiring an experienced contractor are crucial to the success of your trenchless pipe repair project. 

Here are some tips to help you make the right decision:

  1. Assess the Damage: Have a professional plumbing contractor inspect your sewer line to determine the extent of the damage and recommend the most suitable trenchless method (CIPP or pipe bursting).
  1. Check Credentials: Ensure the contractor you choose is licensed, insured, and has experience with trenchless line repair techniques. Don’t be afraid to ask for references or check online reviews.
  1. Get Multiple Quotes: Obtain quotes from at least three contractors to compare the costs and services offered. This will help you make an informed decision and ensure you’re getting the best value for your investment.
  1. Ask About Warranties: A reputable contractor should offer warranties on their work and the materials used. But make sure you understand the terms and conditions of any warranties offered before committing to a contract.
  1. Consider Long-term Costs: While the initial sewer line replacement cost may be higher for trenchless methods, consider the long-term savings in landscape restoration and reduced maintenance requirements.


Trenchless pipe repair offers a more efficient and less invasive solution for homeowners facing damaged sewer lines. With techniques like pipe lining and pipe bursting, it’s possible to address a range of issues without the need for extensive excavation. 

By understanding the costs, benefits, and process of trenchless line repair, you can make an informed decision and choose the best method and contractor for your needs. 

So, the next time you’re faced with a sewer line problem, consider going trenchless for a quicker, more cost-effective, and eco-friendly solution. 

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